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Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

Wanna be the strongest in the world

Shadows Classification:
Top 2013 entrance: 9º (TOP 2013)
All Time Top entrance: 56º (All Time Top)
Recommendation: Very entertainment! (67 of possible 100)
STUDIO – ARMS: 26º (Unfair Studio Ranking) with 67.25%

Blogger Note:
A little note, this anime appears after one of the worst (I hope it stays in last place of my All Time Topanimes that I ever seen Aku no Hana, anything that come after, could have a higher score than it deserved! But I think I stay impartial.

Warning this review could contain spoilers!
If the reader wasn't watched this anime, this could reduce the enjoyment!
For instance Sasuke will kill Naruto in season finale! 
See the danger of a Spoiler? Now this was a lie, only to show the power of a spoiler!
The reader was been warned!

Now Let's Get Started:

"Idol or Pro-Wrestler? Why not both!"

Directed by - Rion Kujo
Studio – ARMS
Year - 2013
Season 1 / 12 episodes

Loose notes

Well, I need to say the reasons to why I decided to review this anime, in normal circumstance because of the obvious exaggerated presence of fanservice I wouldn’t reviewed, but an anime about wrestling I had to try.
After anime, I enjoy to watch wrestling to pass the time (I don’t want wrestling discussion, so I only going to say, Yes, I know Wrestling is scripted but I enjoy! Pro-Wresting is real, people are fake J) and I need to see what if the fusion of two genres I like result.

The Opening

The opening of Wanna be the Strongest in the world (English title), doen’t hide the crowd target of this anime total fanservice showing. To note in the opening there is a mix of animation from the general anime techniques to a species of 3D background crowd and ring animation
(Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai - opening)

Last Spoiler Warning!


I already talk about the fusion of anime and Wrestling, but there’s a more classic presence in the anime the Idol subject, and ARMS studio decided to use it.
I don’t understand the Idol constant presence, but the studios insist in the genre and obviously it should be a thing that really sells in Japan and I will respect it.

The anime manage to show a character passage from the wonderful world of Idol, to the hard working and painful world of Pro-Wrestling.
It’s a well represented rivalries between establish pro-wrestler and Idol that don’t respected the ring.

Of bad the anime doesn’t explore the part that probably had work better with the Idol past, the show after the wresting industry (simply entrance music), they only presented something, in the middle of the season and without great quality.

The main character for me never transmit great passion or fire for anything, was much blend personality, compensated by the side characters from idols to wrestlers.

Future Seasons

We can say that Sekai add a closing finale, with the end off all the rivalries and the obvious decision of the main character to be an Idol or a Wrestler.
But we can also say, that it open the space to a second season, more dedicate to wrestling (I hope), with more ring maneuvers, injures, hard hits, bitter rivalries and title belts.

Final Conclusions

There are two topics to talk in the end:

·        Fanservice – I’m not against, if well used it can produce awesome series, sometimes the animators could even used to a much more level (as we are presented in movies with the sex scenes without showing anything). In Sekai when they reduced a little the fanservice the show has improved a bit.

·        Anime in Wrestling – this is a more personal note, when I see an anime of wrestling to be announced, I has happening of a little extra to been show, more aggressiveness, blood, flying moves, but they decided to keep it real only showing static submission maneuvers is they decision!

*Watched by me in 2013 - originally released in 2013 

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