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Golden Time | Anime Review

Golden Time – Anime Review 
Shadows Classification:
Top 2014 entrance: 1º (TOP 2014)
All Time Top entrance: 47º (All Time Top)
Recommendation: 71 in 100
STUDIO – J. C. Staff: 15º (Unfair Studio Ranking) – 74.4% [Down 3]
Directed by – Chiaki Kon 
Studio – J. C. Staff
Year – 2013
Season 1 / 24 episodes

Warning this review could contain spoilers!
If the reader wasn't watched this anime, this could reduce the enjoyment!
For instance Sasuke will kill Naruto in season finale!
See the danger of a Spoiler? Now this was a lie, only to show the power of a spoiler!
The reader was been warned!                  
“The Love Pentagon”

Loose notes – High expectations!!

Golden Time started with a big handicap, the 71% in my ranking, it could be higher, but in other hand it could be lower.

I have no problem of doing a cheap plug, the recommendation come from the Youtube anime podcast – Podtaku!

On my list of anime to watch of shows that start airing in 2013 (Golden Time ended in 2014) Golden Time wasn't planned, until I heard from the anime community that was an anime about a serious relationships, something I think that lacks in anime.

The Opening

For someone with high expectation, like me, the opening was pretty bad. It’s simply poor in the graphics and the theme didn’t captivated me!

 (Golden Time – first opening)

To make the opening situation worst, J.C Staff did something that I hate in Seasonal anime, it changed the opening to that! The change has arguments because the arc of the anime changed but I don’t like openings changing! And the second opening also has an uninteresting theme song and poor graphics!
In Golden Time, the characters gain a vital focus, the built world it’s pretty simple, after all is our world, the success of Golden Time is all about the iteration between the main characters and the secondary ones (with a rare exception)!
Since the characters have such protagonism, their names are very important to identify them and comment the anime (I didn't watch this aloneJ). Because of that, I have another problem: I’m from Portugal and the name of main character (Kaga Koko) looses a little bit of credibility (If you want to laugh, in Google Translator choose Portuguese and replace ‘K’s by ‘C’s).
The reasons that led me to watch Golden Time was the promise of a relationship in (during) the anime, instead the usual stories where is visible that two characters love each other but nothing happens or if happens is in last episode! Or the annoying harem where all happen except a kiss or a decision!
Is rare the anime having the relationship factor. In my All Time Top List there are only two animes with this factor: Future diary (Mirai Nikki) and Steins;Gate (they are in top for some reason: p). Outside that list I only can add the Dragon Ball series (where we have some marriages and new generations)!
Golden Time basically have two well defined arcs (and two openings L):
1.   The first arc gives a presentation and background of the characters and starts to reveal and preparing the second plot.
2.   In the second arc all the plot is revealed, with the focus in relationship between Kaga Koko and Tada Banri !
Before I continue, I need to do a little presentation of the characters. Golden Time is focused in three main characters who have a major support from other four!
1.   Kaga Koko: The spirit of this anime, she shows rage, domination, confidence, despair, control freak of all aspects in Tada Banri life, The Tsundere character is always a entertainment character in an anime (in real life I think not :P).
2.   Tada Banri:  Shares the spotlight with Koko, some annoying reactions but justified by his forgotten past (that sometimes takes over his body giving birth to a entity simply called the Ghost)
3.   Linda: Banri’s best friend, she is Banri childhood friend, carries the pain of the new Banri decision, to forget the past! Working in the shadows for Banri’s future and welfare!
And the fantastic four:
1.   Chinami Oka aka “Little Miss Supersonic”: A typical character of anime always enjoyable and Kawai! Has a feud and a friendship with Koko helping her to reveal his human side!
2.   Mitsuo Yanagisawa: Important in the beginning to construct Koko, Tsundere character and personality making the bridge between Koko and Banri(his best friend).
3.   Sato Takaya aka “2D”: Important to fix some plot holes in Golden Times, having the answer or the right tool to fix a situation! Like a car or manipulation of emails.
4.   Nana: I had doubts to include Nana in this section, but she always makes me laugh. She is gothic /appearance and way of life), always making a connection between Linda and Banri when is necessary!

Golden Time is an anime that doesn't use some fantastic powers or out of this world scenes. It make use of a well planned memory plot.
Basically Tada Banri loses his memory, in a motorbike “accident” and instead of trying to recover, he gets frightened and rejects his past!
After a year since his accident, he goes to university, where he meets Kaga Koko (who has trying to win (force) Yanagisawa) and re-meets Linda.
As written on top, Golden Time has two arcs, in the first we assist to the union Banri and Koko as couple through several situations ending up in a relationship!
But with the start of Koko-Banri relationship, the Banri’s past enters in action with his love to Linda (to help the situation, they are in the same school club), this gives rise to all dominance and jealousy attacks from Koko. At the same time Banri starts to have doubts about his past and his love (At this point he apparently doesn't know who he loves, Koko or Linda).
I have to emphasize the stoic paper of Linda in this story, only protecting and respecting Banri decision, never trying to force Banri to anything (even going against his heart). Maybe by this reason there is  Nana in the plot to work in favor of Linda in the story!
In this part of the history we get some nice and rare moments in anime, of a relationship of two characters without anything of bad happens, I give some prominence to the Paris episode (congrats to the studio) ;)
With the love for Koko getting bigger, the Banri's past enters in action trying to sabotage his relationship to the point of trying to kill his human form!
His past slowly gains the control of his mind, ruining everything, where he assists to a Koko normally confident starting to show a complete despair!
A great work of his friends and another stoic paper by Linda, leads Golden Time to a nice conclusion!
In Golden Time I dislike of two specific moments in history, one because I don’t understand the meaning and the other because it end without any explanation putting the ghost in a 10 episodes hiatus!

1.   It’s the story of Linda's brother's bride. She cheats him and is caught by Linda. I think the purpose was to reveal a little of Linda and Banri past and they interactions, In the moment I thought it will bring a clue to the accident on bridge with Banri, but not!

2.   The assassination attempt of Banri by the ghost, simply I didn’t understand! (Maybe linked with moment 1)

Two moments in 24 episodes is not bad :P
The entire story arc received a conclusion (with exception of the driver that runs over Banri in the bridge) and with exception of little Miss Supersonic and the 2D lover boy, I think they like each other but no proof is presented!

?Future Seasons?
I think that a second season will not be produce!
There are some reasons for that: the story had a closure and the 8 volumes mangas were all adapted to anime (I think!)

Obviously there is space to more stories. An arc with them a little bit older, out of college, for me is an interesting theme like Clannad after Story (I promise that I will watch).
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*Watched by me in 2014 – originally released in 2013/2014

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