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Kamisama Dolls - Anime Review


Kamisama Dolls is an anime that tried to do everything in the business with only 13 episodes length, don't get me wrong the anime was potential but I think they tried to do much thing and lost completely their focus!

  "The Doll that wanted to be everything!"

Shadow Classification Ranking

Top 2011 entrance: 10º (TOP 2011)
All Time Top entrance: 54º (All Time Top)
Score 66.25 in possible 100

Warning this review could contain spoilers!
If the reader wasn't watched this anime, this could reduce the enjoyment!
For instance Sasuke will kill Naruto in season finale! 
See the danger of a Spoiler? Now this was a lie, only to show the power of a spoiler!
The reader was been warned!

Now Let's Get Started:


Manga Writed by - Hajime Yamamura
Anime Directed by - Seiji Kishi
Studio - Brain's Base
Season 1 / 13 episodes


There are an hidden village, here some of the locals can control wodden dolls, those people that control the dolls are called of Seki and they are treated like kings!
This is a history of a character that abandons is doll and the village and try to live into the city of Tokyo.


Its hard to make a proper review of this anime, because they screw-up the history, they try to do all that is made in anime in only 13 episodes and fail miserable, but i will go to this point later! 

The soundtrack is not bad, it was a good opening as you can see in the video bellow, the opening gives a good perspective of the essential of this anime the city angle and the hidden village angle. Also when the dolls or goods wherever you wanna call it, are being control a really background music starts and there are one for each doll.

(Kamisama-Dolls oppening)

The animation is pretty good, all the characters have a good fluid movement and credits were there are credits to bee given the battles between the Dolls are pretty good and in my opinion with should to be more!

The characters are pretty interesting, in particular the only that has nothing to do with the village. A girl by the name of Kuko Karahari, she is a classmate of the lead character (Kyohei Kuga), her dad works in the police (mandatory Death Note reference) and she try everything to found out the existence of paranormal activity. All the characters have very unique traces of personality and its pretty interesting that the lead character was a former Seki and doesn't do any battle in this season!

Now how can an anime with good characters development, good animation and soundtrack screw-up??

The history doesn't connect with nothing, i had a constantly feeling when a new episode starts the the director or the writer was different! This anime for a 13 episodes run, add so many angles or arcs that i loose count!

Last Spoiler Warning!
First it try to appear a history about a bloddy massacre of dolls in the village and that nobody knows how the dools are controled! 

Then it pass to a criminal Seki (Aki Kuga) that want revenge of Kyohei, and a battle between Aki and Kyohei little sister and now Seki controller in the city (all the secrecy vanished!). 

Then Aki losses and two new enemies appear and surprise surprise one of the enemies is Kyohei brother and to set the mood worst is Utao twin brother! representing a rival clan!

 The dolls break and it's a village return to fix it, and the mechanic knows all about the dolls and how they are controlled  Now the new enemies are not the enemies and we have a flashback about a teacher(Sensei) of childhood times that Aki Banged and try to save from the rival clam resulting in a bloody massacre and that ends the Aki Arc!

Remember Kyohei lost brother? Yes Kyohei parents are alive and simply said that they don't remember and the plot of this brother end in the same episode because Kyohei grandparent head of the clan knows all but only confirms that is is brother!

They return to the city to capture Aki, yes he escaped again, but in the last 3 episode a new character appears, and add the objective of stops the clans wars and get together with Kyohei! A big battle emerge and all the dolls stays prety destroyed!

Confused? yep that's how i stayed!

Joining that, there are an episode off fanservice to destroy completely the remainder of the history!

This season ends announcing a second season. Were  Kyohei will reControl his Seki and capture the big bad doll from the start off the season! Luckily i saw this anime in 2013 and a second season never aired!
*Watched by me in 2013 - originally aired in 2011

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