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Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club ->A DropOut!

Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Shadows Note: This anime was victim of a Dropout, i watched 3 episodes and nothing in this show called mine attention to watch till the end! In anime defense, I considered that it's one case of Love or Hate!

Warning this review could contain spoilers!
If the reader wasn't watched this anime, this could reduce the enjoyment!
For instance Sasuke will kill Naruto in season finale! 
See the danger of a Spoiler? Now this was a lie, only to show the power of a spoiler!
The reader was been warned!

Now Let's Get Started:

The history that sunk!

Anime Directed by - Hiroko Utsumi
Studio - Kyoto Animation
Season 1 / Watch 3 episodes


With only 3 episodes, it's hard to write something, well let's see the oppening to gain inspiration :P

(Free! opening)

Has we can see in the opening, the art work of the anime is really good, they perform great animation and fluid movements in water, but that's the only positive point! 

This story early reminds Chihayafuru (an Karuta Card Game Club anime of Madhouse studio):
Passion for the Sport
Form a club in School, and the difficulty to find members
Childhood past, in the sport

Was the reader can see in my tops Chihayafuru is well established, but i cannot accept (maybe because I don't known the Japanese culture) but in the west, swimming are pretty popular and easy to gather members! 

Well and then there are the Fan service (Man service in this case), obviously I am not the target, but I was a little confused, if the studio knows the main target, because there was the first time I watched Fan Service, that had a character dedicated only to described the Service that was happening.

A little note here I am not against Fan service if It's well used in history! I am against Fan Service bad performed!

The Characters didn't help, they were boring, no flavor and it little expression, that wanted to Swim in Freestyle!

So, bad history (to don't say no history), bad Fan Service, Boring characters, sorry but i can't watch! But was I stated early It's a Love or Hate anime give it a try!

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