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Pick one from the past!!

Pick One From The Past – Clannad vs Evengelion vs Lain

In my endless demand, I try to see the maximum of possible animes, trying to keep me up to date, an hard balance between past animes and the current season, it's virtual impossible!

But now I decided to see one of three successful animes, that the community speaks (for good or bad):
  • Clannad (Kyoto Animation - 2008)
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion (Gainax - 1995)
  • Serial Experiments Lain (Triangle Staff - 1998)
These anime, don't have much in common except the fact that they are still spoken.

So, you can help me choose, by voting in the poll.

A personal note, about the animes in the poll:

Clannad, from what I hear, read and saw, I think is the maximum exponent of the Moeh era, it's not my favorite genre but something tells me, that I will enjoy it!

Serial Experiments Lain is probably my favorite genre, I confess, I tryed to watch once, but didn't manage to pass the animation, now is the time for the rematch :P

And then we have the mythical, Evangelion, I watched some disordered episodes, now is time to enjoy the story! I confess I'm afraid of breaking past memories of this anime, but by other side, I'm not a fan of Mech's, but Evangelion always was the exception, because of past memories :)

Thanks for casting your vote :)
The poll will be open until the first of June.

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1 comment:

  1. More people are going to vote Neon Genesis Evangelion and Clannad because they are more well known and bear much more simple themes than Serial Experiments Lain. Clannad is a tragic love story while Neon Genesis impressively combines action with deep psychological themes. However Lain goes beyond the everyday reality and questions reality itself in a manner that's even more intricate and confusing than The Matrix.

    This is of course the major reason for popular dislike/apathy towards the series. But for those of us who enjoy a challenge and like decoding extremely intricate plots that sometimes leave you feeling high from the visual content you've just received this is the anime to watch.

    If you are a supporter of the underrated yet superior anime series everywhere Lain is the best choice.